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Soil Testing

Because of the recent ban on phosphorus, Greenville residents are now restricted from using fertilizers that contain phosphorus. This is due to the exceedingly high amounts of phosphorus in our soils which are causing pollution to our local waters. To be able to use phosphorus enriched fertilizers, a soil test needs to be provided that proves the lack of adequate nutrient levels. A soil test will show exactly what nutrients are present in the soil and the levels at which they are at. By testing your soil you are able to choose the fertilizer that best suits your lawns needs. This will help you to get the best results for the least amount of time and money. Many people are over fertilizing their lawns, causing contaminated water runoff and algae blooms. A soil test is a great way to get optimum lawn growth for the least amount of money. Information that gives detailed instructions on how to conduct a proper soil test is available at the Public Works building.

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