Town of Greenville

Fire Department


a road in Greenville, WI

Mission statement:
“To protect and preserve the lives and property of our Greenville residents with the highest levels of fire suppression, rescue services and emergency medical care through continual training, public education and fire prevention programs.”


News and Events



We are loyal, proud and respectful of our profession, our leaders, our Unit, our Department, and the people we serve.

We are honest, reliable, and adhere to high moral standards.  We demonstrate and encourage the highest ethical behavior.  Our word is our bond.

We work together as a “Team” and assist each other.  We constantly seek opportunities to make improvements in our jobs, support new ideas, encourage partnerships, and develop positive working relationships with our cooperators.  Together we are stronger.

We strive to be the best at what we do.  We perform our jobs to the highest degree of skill and competency.  Our appearance and conduct promotes confidence and trust from the public, other Departments,
and Agencies we work with.


Fire Index Pic

Fire Index Pic